March 09, 2013

This was gonna have a background

but I said ‘no’

this was also supposed to take less than an hour to colour WITH the background and that did not happen (MOSTLY BECAUSE OF TOOTH) I’m so mad


if you can’t tell she’s threatening to tickle his paws because FUN FACT Rabbits don’t have pads on their paws and  may or may not be obsessed with drawin’ them like that

anywho imo intimacy (as in something as simple as touching) is a big thing for Bunny and you can see it with how uncomfortable he gets when North pats him 

he’s old as shit and not the most personable guy and kind of a loner so I’m sure that he’s very particular and through the movie Tooth seems to be very respectful of him. In promo art from the book I’m pretty sure that bunnymund is guiding Tooth the way one would a queen (since she… is one) so in a sweet-tooth situation I’m pretty sure Bunnymund is okay with intimacy between himself and Tooth and I think that’s pretty damn special when you aren’t fond of being touched

that doesn’t mean he’s going to stand by and be tickled

(and that doesn’t mean Tooth won’t resort to tickling to get him to stop being so god-damn ornery)

anywho this is a long ass description so here have this sweet-tooth shippers

(also I read someone mention them being a ‘sisterhood’ of shippers earlier and had a laugh. Am I the honorary brother in the sisterhood of rabbit-loving flight or something?)

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